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Our life

(children, cats, etc.)

I started breeding cats in 1981, at the age of 16, under the catteryname, Okonor. Ever since my life has been focused on breeding Siamese and Oriental cats.
I met my wife in 1994 when she ordered a show quality tabby point Siamese female from me. We got married in 1996, our son Balázs was born in 1997, and in the following year we had a daughter called Násfa.

Good friends, Balázs & Jawel

Special training, Násfa & Banán


Parrot & cats


Colours of the rainbow

I love Kristály

Kasmir & me in1991.


The 6 months old Kasmir & me in Székefehérvár 1990.


Pszt! They are sleeping.


With Omega in 1992.


In the first FIFe World Show

1990. München


With Corwin in the World Show

1994. Geneva



2002. Summer


My wife, Zsuzsa & our children Násfa & Balázs

2002. May





Brother & Sister


Our children are breeding

rex coated giunea pigs


Jawel as a doll


Bedtime story


The sleeping beauty


Násfa & Angolna



Ready to the excursion





Batman & Násfa


Isn't she beautiful ?


Balázs & Thecla Coronata



2001. Summer


1999. Winter


Bedtime story, with Ronin


Bedtime story, with Jegenye


Feeding the cats


Balázs, Tamarin & Maytika


Násfa & Pocahontas


Balázs with Jégvirág & Lidérc


Násfa, Labiata & Harun ar-Rashid


Balázs & Pangea


Balázs & Duda


Balázs & me


Zsuzsa, Balázs and good old Kasmir


Násfa & Wanted